Prices, Payment, & Inventory

Prices of Parts

The Healey used part market can be fairly fluid.  If you wish to make an offer on a part, contact me by clicking here and let me know what it’s worth to you.  Let’s haggle.

Terms of Payment

For sale of parts:  Wire transfer (direct, Zelle, etc.) or cash only–generally quick and easy for both of us!  Sorry, but no personal checks or PayPal payments will be accepted.  Wire transfers may require a waiting period for confirmation of receipt of funds.  Shipping fees, if applicable, to be paid by buyer.  Handling fees (if any) will vary depending on the part(s) purchased and will be mutually agreed upon before sale proceeds. Parts will ship once deposit of funds is confirmed.  All sales are final, so please be certain of what you’re buying before you buy.  I will do my absolute best to represent all parts accurately!

For international sale of parts:  The same terms above apply.  Additionally, for orders over $500, buyers will need to provide their full name, address, phone number, and email address (or, if the buyer is a business, of the business and business owner).


If you don’t see what you’re looking for on the site, contact me here and let me know what you’re looking for. I may have it stashed away somewhere, even though it’s not listed.